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From 130.000 Euro incl. VAT for complete project

including Porsche 997 4S.

If you have your own 997 price will be decreased.

unique design masterpiece


Every car we build is a reflection of a strong opinion and confident approach. The EDIT project g11 is for those who don't want dozens of unified products but are looking for something exceptional. The EDIT project is based on the Porsche 911 model 997 Carrera 4 / 4S, the last mechanical car with hydraulic steering.



The basis of the circular design project EDIT is the original Porsche 997 in the Carrera 4/4S version with a manual gearshift. Not everything old is bad, we think this car is the true driving machine worth investing in.

The super-lightweight carbon parts, which are manufactured using cutting-edge autoclave technology from prepreg fabrics, are highly strong and increase crash safety.

Highly durable, super-lightweight forged wheels, designed for spirited driving, make the striking brakes stand out, which are painted in the colours of your choice.

New xenon headlights in a black design with a light ellipse that underlines the iconic character of this car.

A new modern steering wheel that provides the latest ergonomics and lets the hydraulic steering take full effect. You'll truly have the car in your hands.

The interior has a new design, no displays, a minimum of buttons, colour and material modifications on request. But most importantly, it features a new centre console, which provides more space in the cabin and refers to the original 911.



Thank you!